TISC Letter to DBW

Deputy Director Lynn Sadler

California Department of Parks and Recreation

Division of Boating and Waterways
One Capitol Mall – Suite 500
Sacramento, CA 95814

(via email: Lynn.Sadler@parks.ca.gov)


Keren Dill <keren.dill@parks.ca.gov>

Eva Murray <Eva.Murray@parks.ca.gov>

May 4, 2016

Dear Deputy Director Lynn Sadler:

I write on behalf of the “YOUR ORGANIZATION” regarding the proposed development of Clipper Cove.
As you consider public financing for the development of a marina in Clipper Cove, please see attached a letter we submitted to the Treasure Island Development Authority regarding the proposed marina for Clipper Cove.
We found that the scale of the marina as currently proposed is much greater than can be accommodated without significant negative impacts on public access and use of the Cove, particularly through small boating such as youth and community sailing. While a modest expansion of the current marina could be a benefit for the community, this marina expansion would close off most of the cove to educational and recreational small boating, leaving only a small portion of the cove for these uses. This closure would severely limit and diminish recreational and educational opportunities for the citizens of San Francisco and the entire Bay Area offered through the Treasure Island Sailing Center.
We would like to reiterate that:

Clipper Cove is one of San Francisco’s most valuable open water resources. It is one of the only safe places for the community to engage in beginner/recreational small boating.
The Treasure Island marina as proposed would dramatically reduce public access to the Cove, particularly access for small boating
The proposed Marina is too large and inefficient in its layout; it consumes far too much of the cove
The Marina development in Clipper cove should be paused; a plan should be proposed that takes into account the tremendous growth in the use of the cove over the last 16 years
Thus, the Department of Boating and Waterways 22 million dollar loan is premature and consideration of the full loan should be postponed until the Marina Developers have accounted for current use of Clipper Cove. In short, in order to facilitate equality and accessibility for all Californians living in the Bay Area, and to provide a safe area for small boat recreation and education, the current marina proposal must be revised.