St. Francis Sailing Foundation Launches Set Sail Learn at the Treasure Island Sailing Center

Remember your first sail?  Or your most recent sail?  Either one was probably part of a memorable lifetime of sailing enjoyment, adventure and opportunity.  On Thursday the Treasure Island Sailing Center showcased a ‘first sail’ experience of a group of SF school district fourth graders as they demonstrated their innovative ‘Set, Sail, Learn’ sailing program.  The event was created to announce a recent grant from the St. Francis Sailing Foundation which will enable thousands of children from 28 participating San Francisco elementary schools to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through sailing.

For a myriad of reasons millions of Bay Area residents go through life without connecting with one of the regions finest features – the Bay. And even better, sailing the Bay.  Additionally, changing educational requirements and lifestyles have made it very difficult for thousands of children to have access to any meaningful outdoor experiences.  Founded in 1999, Treasure Island Sailing Center has a mission ‘to improve our community and the sport of sailing by providing access, facilities, and sailing instruction, STEM education and life skills development to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, skill levels, and physical abilities.’   And they’re doing it!


Many different San Francisco 4th graders are getting a new view of their hometown from the boats at TISC.

Thursday’s event ably demonstrated the excitement, enthusiasm and value of getting kids out of the classroom and onto a Bay many had never touched before.  TISC has an ideal location, a large stable of boats, a well established curriculum and an excellent staff of qualified instructors which had kids smiling and shouting from their boats, ‘I love sailing’, ‘best field trip ever’.  You can imagine, if you’ve never seen San Francisco from the water or had access to boating experiences, what a gift a classroom day on the Bay would be.


Set, Sail, Learn supporters, Carolyn Patrick of the St. Francis Sailing Foundation, Sean Svendsen commodore of the St. Francis Yacht Club, Carissa Harris board chair of Treasure Island Sailing Center, Kimball Livingston Vice Commodore of the St. Francis Yacht Club, Thom Maslow Board of Treasure Island Sailing Center.

“This is an investment in the future of our city’s children. Many of the city’s school children are being exposed to the Bay for the first time, opening doors to learning in a stimulating, natural and fun environment.” Said Carolyn Patrick, President of the St. Francis Sailing Foundation.  It’s been a mission for TISC since it’s founding by the visionary board chair Carisa and now ably executed by the Executive Director Travis Lund.  Over the years the programs has touched the lives of thousands of San Francisco residents and, with new funding from the St. Francis Sailing Foundation, TISC will continue to give to more people in our community something all sailors enjoy with gratitude.


New sailors discover the Bay at TISC.


Got to love it.  To quote one of the kids, ‘best field trip ever!’


TISC has a big fleet of boats for kids and adults.