SailSFBay Booth At San Francisco Boat Show

Liz Diaz of North Beach Marine Canvas, Mike Zwiebach of Latitude 38, Thomas Perry of Club Nautique are amongst the SailSFBay volunteers who organized and staffed a SailSFBay booth at the recent San Francisco Boat Show on McCovey Cove. Thomas Perry reported, ‘most of the attendees with questions about sailing were either parents interested in getting their kids into sailing or adults who, for one reason or another, had dropped out of sailing but were interested in getting involved again.’ And, of course, that’s exactly why SailSFBay was there.  The SailSFBay website is designed to help these inquiries with a comprehensive list of all Bay Area programs.

Next Shopw Opportunity to learn more about sailing:  Strictly Sail Pacific on April 10-13 at Jack London Square in Oakland.  SailSFBay will organize a similar booth at Strictly Sail Pacific to help any show attendees find how they can find ways to get involved in sailing or programs to add to sailing skills.