Rent a Sailboat

There are many sailboats available for rent on San Francisco Bay. If you want to treat yourself and some friends to a romp around the Bay with a full captain and crew, check out our list of crewed charters. If you’re a seasoned sailor with some form of certification, you can rent a Bareboat Charter from many sailing schools and clubs around the Bay.

Crewed Charters on San Francisco Bay

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Bareboat Charters on San Francisco Bay

There are roughly 250 bareboats available for rental here in the Greater Bay Area, but the businesses that manage them are not simply rental agencies. Almost all of the boats listed below are offered by sailing schools — usually called ‘clubs’ — which offer a full spectrum of courses, from basic sailing to coastal cruising and celestial navigation.

In most cases, you don’t have to be a member of the club to rent a boat, although nonmembers may pay somewhat higher rental prices. Be aware also that the first time you charter with a company you’ll probably have to do a ‘check-out’ with their staff so they’ll feel confident that you’re not going to run the pride of their fleet into a cruise ship. Getting checked out a few days in advance will save precious charter time.

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