Sailing Right Along – End of Season Report from Alameda Community Sailing Center

The Alameda Community Sailing Center completed its second season of running youth sailing camps. This year the season wrapped up with a BBQ at Ballena Point and of course one more chance to get out sailing on the water. The program saw approximately 100 kids participate this summer learning and practicing to sail in single person dinghies. The camp will be back next year with plans to include programs for adults too. Full report here.

As of August 26, 2014, the Alameda Community Sailing Center is officially a 501c3 non-profit! This new tax exempt status helps with fundraising and in October they successfully completed a fundraising drive raising over $2,400 to get a matching grant from the St. Francis Sailing Foundation for Youth Scholarships.

ACSCsummer camp

You can learn more about the Alameda Community Sailing Center on their website and Facebook page.