Sailing On San Francisco Bay Continues to Receive Great Press

One of the hard to measure but undoubtedly fabulous benefits of the 34th America’s Cup is the number of people who have come to view the Bay Area differently.  Not as land with a Bay view, but as a Bay full of endless possibilities for recreation surrounded by people who might use it for sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding and more. is a website that should help anyone in the Bay find a way to go sailing!

And the attention to sailing on the Bay is continuing well after the Cup.  Have a look at these couple of recent pieces – one on CNN and the other in the Washington Post:


This shot by Ezra Shaw is one of the many beautiful shots he captured during the summer of racing some of this appeared in this recent story from CNN.

131007162303-rowing-americas-cup-horizontal-gallery (1)


Another beautiful shot from Ezra Shaw.

Or have a look at this story about Brad Webb’s Pier 39 based America’s Cup charter boat USA 76.  Photos and story by Jill K. Robinson

There were so many fabulous images of sailing captured this summer and we hope more people can now see themselves in those images and not just looking at them.