Sail A Small Boat Day – February 28th

bay sailing — anybody can play

Latitude 38 – CW

They say that if you can sail on San Francisco Bay you can sail anywhere, and that if you can sail a dinghy you can sail anything. The quote, “The small-boat sailor is the real sailor,” is famously at- tributed to Jack London. Put those sayings together and you get Sail a Small Boat Day at Richmond Yacht Club. No need to worry about the rigors of sailing in the Slot, however, as this event is designed for everyone, old and young, experienced and novice, and sailing takes place in the relatively protected Richmond Riviera.

Boat rides are offered on all manner of small craft, ranging in size from 8-ft Optis and El Toros to centerboard boats like Vanguard 15s and Snipes, skiffs like 29ers and 49ers, multihulls such as Weta trimarans and Hobie Cats, and even small keelboats, like the Wylie Wabbit, Ultimate 20 and Open 5.70, with a wide range of shapes, sizes and speeds in between. Following a recent trend, stand-up paddleboards, pedal-craft and kayaks will be available to try out too.CRW_8496v2

If you have them, you’re encouraged to bring a wetsuit and life jacket (but not the inflatable kind); warm, waterproof clothing if not. A limited number of PFDs will be available to borrow. Be prepared to get wet — bring a change of clothes and leave valuable electronics at home. Kids will need a parent to sign a waiver. Sign-ups will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and class representatives will be on hand to answer questions about their fleets.

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See you at Richmond Yacht Club this weekend.