Sausalito Yacht Club

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The seven founding members of the Sausalito Yacht Club were already junior members of other yacht clubs, but with teenage hubris thought they could do better themselves.

The founders conceived and established the new club on New Year’s Eve of 1942. The time was right. World War II had called many of the older, local boat owners to Europe or the Pacific. Before heading off to war, they trusted their boats to the care of the club’s young founders, the oldest just three months short of his seventeenth birthday.

Most of the members of the Sausalito Yacht Club are from Sausalito or neighboring areas in Marin County, San Francisco or the East Bay, but the club has a sizable number of members from elsewhere in the United States as well as foreign countries.

The club organizes and manages Sausalito Yacht Club races as well as races for the Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay (YRA) and other organizations. SYC provides leadershp for PICYA events on many occasions.

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