Sailing Education Adventures

3001 Bridgeway Blvd #199


(415) 775-8779

Sailing Education Adventures (SEA) is a non-profit community organization dedicated to promoting sailing through affordable instruction and related on the water activities. The primary objectives and purposes of this organization shall be to foster conservation and care of the San Francisco Bay marine environment through active, on-the-water and related experiences. This shall be accomplished through the following activities and programs:

  1. On-the-water instructional programs for adults and youths
  2. Environmental awareness programs
  3. Classroom education programs supporting (1) and (2) above
  4. Volunteer support of related research efforts concerning the San Francisco Bay marine environment
  5. Join efforts with other non-profit charitable and/or educational organizations to further common interests
  6. Promotional and fundraising efforts in support of the activities set forth in (1) through (5)

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