Club Nautique

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(800) 343-SAIL (7245)

Club Nautique continues to lead the way with our top of the line sailing andpowerboating school. Our offshore sailing training is second to none. In fact, we certify over 75% of all US SAILING Coastal and Offshore Passagemaking graduates. That’s more than all of the other sailing schools in the country combined. With the most impressive fleet of offshore capable boats and instructors who are dedicated to giving you the most comprehensive learning experience you’ll find anywhere, you’d be hard pressed to find a better program. Don’t take our word for it, as a result of our outstanding program, we were awarded the US SAILING Prosser Award for excellence in sailing instruction.

Our excellence in sailing and powerboating training doesn’t start there. Our beginning level courses are designed to help everyone understand the dynamics and challenges of boating, gain confidence in your sailing and skippering skills and become the best sailor or powerboater you can be under the supportive watchful eye of our well qualified, Coast Guard licensed instructors.

The boats that we use for each class are relevant to the material covered in the class. We teach Basic Keelboat on boats with tillers and outboard engines. Basic Cruising on boats with inboard diesel engines and wheel steering. They also have the more complicated systems covered in this level of certification so you’re sure to get hands on training and a more solid understanding of the material.

Our School Director is committed to on-going training of our already exceptional staff of instructors. Through constant clinics and training sessions, our instructors continue to challenge themselves as well as eachother to improve their skills and to help them; become more able to recognize barriers in learning, develop tools to help you learn not just the “how’s” but also the “why’s” of sailng and to constantly strengthen their own sailing skills.

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