Cal Sailing Club

124 University Ave


The Cal Sailing Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run sailing and windsurfing club that offers lessons, recreation, and free programs for the general public and for summer programs. Members get lessons and, after achieving ratings, use of the club’s fleet of 23 dinghies, 6 keelboats and 80 windsurfing boards including novice, intermediate, and advanced designs. Located on the south side of the Berkeley Marina, CSC’s major activity is teaching sailing and windsurfing safety.

The club’s programs for the general public and organized groups include Introductory Sails, land sailing school (in cooperation with the Nature Center and the Pegasus Project), summer sailing for youth groups including Berkeley and Albany YMCA’s and Berkeley Youth Alternatives, windsurfing seminars, lectures, and clinics. These services are provided by club volunteers.

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