Life on the Water

San Francisco Bay is one of the world’s sailing meccas and, as such, has attracted sailors and waterman since the first explorers.  A local film project is hoping to capture stories from many of the characters who have created the long waterfront and sailing heritage.

Life on the water is a project of Marin residents and waterfront lovers Oleg Harencar, Don Zimmer and Kat Lusher.  They spoke Wednesday at the Corinthian Yacht Club and gave attendees a preview screening of this very worthwhile and inspiring project.

On the website they describe the project like this:

There is something about water that is deeply fascinating and captivating. It has attracted many to explore the seas and oceans for adventure, inspiration, and serenity. Whether to sail, to surf or to watch the tide roll away people are lured by its magic.

Our vision is to create a collection of cinematic portraits of intriguing people whose lives are deeply linked to water. Told in first person, their stories are preserved and shared – from legendary yachtsmen to the extraordinary athletes whose lives are intertwined with oceans, lakes and rivers, and remarkable individuals in between, the Life on the Water documentary film series will inspire, entertain and educate – one portrait at a time.

For your own preview of the magic of the Bay Area waterfront you can visit them here.

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