High School Journalist, Roman Screve, Covered The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup

In collaboration with Kelly Cowden of ACEA’s Community Outreach program high school journalism students were invited to come view and write a story about the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.  Branson high school sailor Roman Screve was one of the students lucky enough to join the event.



Kelly Cowden and the high school journalists.

His write up appears here:

Red Bull’s Youth Americas Cup Day 2 Right after day one, many teams were able to adapt their game plans and strategies on the water. One example of this can be seen on the POR boat. On day one their starts needed some work so they, “Push harder today…more aggressive” said by the skipper Antonio Mello. With this change in their game plan and attitude the POR teams wins the first start of the day and race number three. They round mark one in the lead but close behind is USA 1 who also had a successful start. The first downwind begins and the positions stay the same. The POR team rounds the right-hand gate towards land like all the other teams who have been in the lead in the past. Some current relief and left shifts gives the POR team and USA 1 an even bigger gap to the main fleet behind and POR starts to cover USA 1 tightly almost like a match race. Both teams sail extra maneuvers to cover and avoid each other slowing them down a bit and USA 1 falls in pack behind and is passed by SUI. POR still rounds the top mark in first with SUI and USA 1 behind. Now back in the rear of the fleet both NZL teams received penalties for being over early at the start line and were in 9th and 10th place but with some good boat speed and tactics they caught up to the top five. Once the second upwind began POR started to focus both on USA 1 and SUI and covered them on both sides doing extra tacks, which is not fast in the AC45. With the top three fighting against each other for the lead NZL 2 who caught up from 9th stays away form the first three boats and focuses on their boats rather than the boats around them giving them big gains in distance and they round in second at the top mark. Though they rounded second they had a late set of their Code Zero due to a bad roll up on their leeward mark rounding costing them two boats, SUI and USA 1. POR maintains the lead and behind them are SUI, USA 1, NZL 2, and GER.

Race two begins with slightly more wind at about 14 knots. POR stuck with their aggressive starting plan but it did not work as well and it was NZL 2 and AUS that got the best start and rounded mark one in the lead. GER gets a disappointing penalty from NZL 1 on the downwind leg. AUS rounds the bottom mark in first and like all other leaders, goes toward land. AUS and SWE start to get close and SWE passes AUS for a second but the AUS team grabs to lead back by the top mark. In the lead, the AUS team had an extremely big disaster and their Code Zero falls down due to a halyard lock problem. Without their Code Zero in the downwind the rest of the fleet flies by them in a matter of seconds. It has been a very rough and problematic first two days for the AUS team. While this happens, FRA protests NZL 1 and they are forced to take a penalty and slow down. Also USA 1 takes a risk and sneaks inside of USA 2 and POR at a mark rounding and passes them both. It was a big risk but it paid off. The three leading teams now sprint to the finish with NZL 2 going for a low lane and SWE for a high lane. SWE crosses in the line first with SUI and NZL 2 very close behind.

Another exciting and competitive day here at the Red Bull’s Youth Americas Cup bring the results with USA 1 and NZL 2 tied for the lead. The 10 teams meet again and try to fix their mistakes and improve for day three coming up.


Screve and other high school students received an ‘inside look’ at ACTV with Emmy Award winner Stan Honey.