A Family Reunion on the Bay

Spring Break is here for many of us. This means family time, vacations, a chance to get outdoors and a great time of year to experience San Francisco Bay. Recently an extended family took to the Bay aboard USA 76 for an afternoon sail. This family, some of which live on the East Coast, has a tradition of meeting up every Spring Break on the West Coast in an annual reunion. All the cousins get the chance to hang out and the family picks an activity that all ages can participate in. This year, they chose sailing and with 10 family members aboard they accounted for about ¾ of the total crew that day. Most had not been sailing before but everyone jumped right in. The kids spent a lot of time at the wheel leaving the parents spinning the winch grinders. By the end of the trip, the parents that live in the Bay Area were inquiring about where to sign their kids up for summer sailing camps. Not only were their bonds strengthened but the rest of us aboard that day also felt like we were also part of this fun loving family.