SF2SF – The Next Round the World Race

On Thu, Oct 3, 2013

Where Belvedere

More Info http://cyc.org/event/speaker-series-6

Corinthian Yacht Club

43 Main Street




SF2SF is the first round-the-world sailing race starting and ending in the Pacific. Created by Jim and Cree, the race has a simple premise: start on San Francisco Bay, circumnavigate via the capes, and finish on San Francisco Bay. To help organize the race, Jim and Cree have assembled a world-class advisory board of experienced ocean racers. They include American circumnavigation record holder Bruce Schwab, Emmy Award winning sailing and TV innovator Stan Honey, Ocean Racing champion Cam Lewis, and other sailing notables including Mark Schrader and Peter Hogg. Come hear these two lively presenters tell us why the time is right for SF2SF.