Bay Area Sailing School Leader Honored by US Sailing

Retired OSCS Sailing CEO Rich Jepsen was recently honored at US Sailing’s National Sailing Programs Symposium in New Orleans.  Read the story from the US Sailing Site here:

Sail Training Service and Support Award in Honor of Virginia Long: Richard Jepsen (Alameda, CA)

OCSC-SAILING-Richard-Jepsen- His numbers include serving as Commercial Committee Chair for four years, on the Board of Directors for six years and serving as the Chair of the Training Committee for 18 years. The list of accomplishments is lengthy and legendary. But the numbers do not tell the fullness of Rich’s contribution to the sailing community both inside the organization and beyond. Below are comments from several of the many people who contributed to honoring him for all he has contributed.



Rich Jepsen receives the Virginia Long award from US Sailing president Tom Hubbell.

“Rich has dedicated an unselfish drive to promote education and safety to sailors of all skill levels over many decades. It would be hard to adequately describe the size of his contribution to and impact on our sailors and racers nationwide. His contribution surely ranks among the most valuable in creating opportunities to enhance the safety and enjoyment of sailing.”

“Rich has moved US Sailing’s approach to training to a more encompassing role. He embodies the model of professional and volunteer collaboration both in his career at OCSC and in his leadership of the Training Committee. He has brought his love of sailing to making the sport accessible not just to learn to sail, but to a life long activity that can be enjoyed in different ways at different times of life. He knows sailing from the 30,000 foot view to the most granular detail.”

“As the Training Committee chair, Rich has lead a group of people who at times have differing opinions to forming a consensus on many issues. He has been fair and forthright, summing up the discussion and moving the group forward. At Annual General Meetings he has rallied for training and pushed board members to give the well-deserved support to training. Outside of meetings Rich has continued to listen to concerns from all who seek him out. He has a great balance of integrity and playfulness. He is a fun guy to be around whether discussing sailing topics or shooting a game of pool.”

“In his mentoring, guidance and support of the US Sailing staff the Training Department staff can always count on Rich to give an unbiased approach to an issue helping us to see all sides. His door is always open and for that I am thankful and grateful for Rich Jepsen.”

“Rich is one of the most intellectually generous people I have ever had the privilege of spending time with. He possesses a startling amount of knowledge, not just about sailing but about teaching, business management, staff management, long term planning, life in general, you name it. Coupled with a fantastic sense of humor, he is one of the most enjoyable conversationalists I know and I am always excited to dig in to any topic with him. Rich’s dedication to the sport is invaluable and his contributions have helped shaped sailing instruction as we know it today.”

“It would take me sixty days to count the ways in which Rich has impacted the sport of sailing, sail training and those if us fortunate enough to work and volunteer alongside of him. Mentor, visionary, advocate, partner, friend. Thank you Rich, for everything past, present and future.”

“When I think of Rich and his contribution to sailing what comes to mind is tireless, insightful, detail-oriented, welcoming, fully-engaged, and an oracle of sail-training knowledge.”

Sailing thrives due to the contributions of many dedicated volunteers and professionals.  Read about the rest of the US Sailing award winners here.