America’s Cup Concert Series Benefits SailSFBay and Sailing

SailSFBay was among 17 Bay Area non-profits, many of them sailing organizations, who benefitted from the America’s Cup concert series.  SailSFBay, an association of Bay Area individuals and organizations dedicated to growing participation in sailing, worked with ACEA over the past two years to help with sailing outreach to the Bay Area community.

One of the great opportunities of the America’s Cup was for the 7,000,000 Bay Area residents to ‘discover’ accessible sailing on the Bay within just a few miles of their home.  There are dozens of fabulous Bay Area sailing programs including tall ships, commercial and community sailing schools, high school sailing teams and yacht club junior programs all dedicated to  helping more people find their way onto the Bay under sail.

The new SailSFBay website helps showcase all the Bay Area access points to sailing and highlights the many member organizations who are helping adults and kids onto the water every day.  SailSFBay is grateful to the America’s Cup both for the attention the Cup brought to sailing the Bay and for the funds it provided to SailSFBay and affiliate organizations.  And, like other Bay Area sailors, we’ll hope it can all happen again with AC35!

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High school sailing teams is just one of many ways Bay Area youth participate in local sailing.

Following is complete story from the America’s Cup website:

‘Seventeen San Francisco Bay area charities benefited from this summer’s America’s Cup Concert Series at the America’s Cup Pavilion.

Through their work with local organizations, the America’s Cup earmarked a portion of the proceeds from each of the 19 concerts towards a range of beneficiaries from community sailing and arts programs to supporting local Healthy Ocean and Sustainability initiatives.

The funds, totaling approximately $65,000, will be distributed next month.

A community association based near the America’s Cup Pavilion is among the recipients.

“As a community member, I recognize and applaud the commitment from the America’s Cup to supporting our community,” said Ciel Mahoney of the Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center.

The mission of the center is to provide opportunities for the individuals and families in the North Beach, Chinatown, and Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhoods to enrich their quality of life.

“I know firsthand of their consistently generous involvement with community events and nonprofits. On behalf of the nearly 700 people who walk through our doors each day, we say thank you to one of our generous community partners, America’s Cup.”

Continue on the America’s Cup site.

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More youth are climbing on board every weeks!